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BLADERUNNER BRIGHTS by Renea Lynzee Design

Bladerunner brights inspiration board was created for a tech glam activewear textile collection challenge in the Textile Design Lab. My collection and board was based off the first Bladerunner movie that ironically takes place in 2019. The movie's vibe was perfect for the futuristic and empowering feel I wanted my collection to have.


Renea Gallagher is a graduate of the Illinois Institute of Art with a BA in Communication Arts. She has worked as an Art Director for several years in Chicago and now runs her own design firm that focuses on branding and textile design.

Renea‚Äôs designs have a strong modern palette and feel. She loves experimenting and mixing traditional techniques with modern digital effects to create unique eye-catching textiles for the apparel market. Her focus has been on women's active wear and contemporary wear but is always open to exploring other markets and collaborations.

Renea Lynzee Design