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Balance of Being by Moon Flower Child

In my art I am inspired by earth tone colours that are rich and bold. I constantly find myself turning to nature and find that there are many aspects of our world that embody stillness. This isn’t something that we naturally achieve, but requires practice. In our daily lives we are constantly rushing, running, looking to the next thing. When we find that balance of taking time to stop, breathe and tune into our inner selves then we are truly at peace with being. In this collection of images and colours I want you to take a moment to see in yourself the balance, and calm that it brings to you. The essence of circles or routines and sounds or words are things that we can remind ourselves throughout the day to take a moment to reflect on. Why are we talking? Why do I feel out of balance and stressed, rushed or frustrated? Use this as a reminder to be the Peace you want to see in the world. 




Buddha: gold-24-x-36 

 Hand: blessed-by- manu Rocks: 

Ring: flakes-brown- sticks-art?ref=related-3 





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