Valentine’s Day 2019 Trends By Arnold & Bird

Four Valentine’s Day 2019 trends that are perfect for gift and retail businesses to implement into their range.

Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest gift occasions of the year and one not to be overlooked. Especially since products in these areas can be interpreted for weddings, anniversaries and birthday gifts too. There really is so much potential in Valentine’s Day 2019 trends to be used widely in your range.

Reference the Pinterest board for each trend and remember to take the inspiration that resonates with your style, and apply it in a way that works for your brand.

Palentines / Galentines Day

The 13th February is now known as Palentine’s or Galentine’s Day. Hanging with your friends, drinking some fizz and eating some pizza is coming to sum up this day – single or not. The sentiment around this day is about friendship. Spending time with your besties, catching up and showing your appreciation for having them in your life.

This doesn’t have to be just about Palentines Day once a year. Friendship gifts, including gifts for sisters, are popular all year round for birthdays and at Christmas. Plus think about how these themes can be reused for bridesmaid and maid of honour gifts too.

Trend and product ideas for Palentines Day include:

  • Feminism and friendship – inspirational quotes and messages

  • Humour – ‘Fries before guys’

  • Food & drink – cocktails, pizza and sweet treats

  • Token gifts such as food, drinks, postcard prints, temporary tattoos, pins, balloons and beauty

Experiences & spending time together

This theme is about celebrating your love all year round. With experiences and alternative dates that can be enjoyed on Valentine’s or any other day.

Alternative dates and experiences could include:

  • Cocktail making

  • Chocolate tasting – include tasting notes

  • Food & drink pairing experience

  • Stargazing

  • Baking – create a dessert together at home

  • Games

  • Garden – seeds & plants that represent love

  • Date night box – include wine glasses, games, snacks, film – all items that can be reused again and again

  • Bring the family in and include fun activities with the kids

  • Date night ideas and prompts – could include lists on tea towels, ceramics, prints and keepsake books

  • Love tokens – on alternative materials such as fabric, cork, ceramic and metal

  • Couple’s bucket list – experiences you want to do together

Love stories

Bring out the real love stories of couples that are from the heart. Think of how you can visually represent emotions, memories and connection.

Portray these love stories in different materials and products:

  • In food – pastry envelopes, iced messages and on the packaging

  • Homeware – on mirrors, tea towels, prints, trinket trays and vases

  • On fabric – hessian, cotton and leather

  • Keepsake token – to keep in a pocket or purse

  • Hidden notes in another product

Another form of love stories could be about loving yourself. Bring in the trend for self-care and journaling and how you can write love stories for yourself in beautiful stationery. Single or not.

Valentine’s Day 2019 Colour Trends

Greyed out pastels

Think slightly dirty, greyed pastels shades as an alternative to the traditional candy pastel shades. But still fitting in with colours associated with Valentine’s Day.

  • Pink, blush, grey, sage, creams and lilac

  • Addition of dusky violet/purple works well as a darker shade to compliment the greyed pastels


Bright pops of colours for Valentine’s day. This works well for families who want to include the children on Valentine’s Day activities. And brings in the Pride and LGBT community message that ‘Love is love’.

  • Hot pink, yellow, teal, mint, navy, orange and violet

  • Mix in muted whites and neutrals in the background for balance if you like

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