PAISLEY MAYHEM by Maggie Forbes

Indo-modern fusion. This group was inspired by the silk road journey to encompass a global feel.  The beauty of paisley and medallion prints are how they bridge so many countries and cultures.   The colors are rich, inspired by the spices and silks that were traded on the silk road.  To take this old idea and make it new, the group was spliced with stripes as well as a sophisticated use of color to make them unique.

Maggie Forbes is a Print Designer and sells vintage on Etsy:

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About Maggie Forbes:

Artist/Designer/Lover of Thrift and Vintage.  Maggie was born and raised in Pittsburgh PA, but have found a home in Columbus, Ohio, where the birth of her vintage passion has grown bigger than she would ever imagine.   Hunting vintage is her lifestyle.   Maggie loves finding rare items that have a beauty unique to their own.  She will hunt for days on end to find the treasures available in her shop.  Maggie’s taste is intuitive, driven by childhood nostalgia.  Her interests are endless including the vibes of street, utility, bohemian, 70s, 80s, 90s, sport, western, worker, camp, afro-punk, glam, modern chic, dress up, party, shine....  the list is endless.

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