MYSTRAS MUTES by Renea Lynzee Design

‘Mystras Mutes’ is inspired by a recent trip I took to Peloponnese, Greece. Mystras is an archaeological site that was once a fortress built outside of Sparta. Many monasteries were founded there. Walking through the ruins you can feel the peaceful presence of the past. The beautiful frescos and stone walls have been worn by time and made into one muted tranquil palette. 

Travel has always fueled my creativity. Getting immersed in different cultures and scenery opens the mind up to different thinking that is essential for creative growth.

Sources from left to right: Venexiana (runway), Victoria Kyriakides (black and photo), Threeasfou (green abstract dress)

Renea Gallagher is a graduate of the Illinois Institute of Art with a BA in Communication Arts. She has worked as an Art Director for several years in Chicago and now runs her own design firm that focuses on branding and textile design.

Renea’s designs have a strong modern palette and feel. She loves experimenting and mixing traditional techniques with modern digital effects to create unique eye-catching textiles for the apparel market. Her focus has been on women's active wear and contemporary wear but is always open to exploring other markets and collaborations.