Pattern Curator can be your personal trend researcher and developer. We can curate, create and deliver the trend story you need that’s relevant to your specific business. Pattern Curator researches all areas of apparel, home & textile design. We work with a range of freelance entrepreneurs, small retailers and large big box retailers around the globe and understand how each level of business required a different level of inspirational content. Our main focus is color, print and pattern and we understand that silhouette, fabric, trim and details can be a part of that. Since this service is customized for you, we will work with what you need and if it is something out of our scope, we will be upfront about it. Our main goal is to keep you inspired and informed.

customized research + development:

  • There are different options available. Service menu includes custom trend story development, creative consulting, custom mood board development, custom print design &/or service work

  • Can be for any creative project that involves color, print or pattern consultation or ideation

  • Includes a "No Commitment" initial meeting via in-person, phone, email or other digital media

  • Not limited to professional projects

  • Available for personal projects

  • Consulting fees & deadlines are negotiated at initial meeting, contracted & signed by both parties

  • All work is confidential

  • For even more detailed info, please contact us directly.