This is available to anyone.  One-on-one consulting, custom research & development that's specific to your needs.  It is a unique service I decided to offer after launching the first version of Pattern Curator.  I have had the privilege to meet, talk & correspond with people around the world that just wanted some creative advice or they needed someone to further research their ideas.  Not just for design professionals already in the industry.  This service is available to those that are just realizing their own creative potential & need some guidance for a particular project or idea.

    one-on-one consulting details:

    • There are different options available.  Service menu includes custom trend story development, creative consulting & coaching, custom mood board development, custom print design &/or service work
    • Can be for any creative project that involves color, print or pattern consultation or ideation
    • Includes a "No Commitment" initial meeting via in-person, phone, email or other digital media
    • Not limited to professional projects
    • Available for personal projects
    • Consulting fees & deadlines are negotiated at initial meeting, contracted & signed by both parties
    • All work is confidential
    • For more detailed info, please contact us directly.