One-on-one research & development that's specific to your needs.  Pattern Curator can be your personal trend researcher & developer. We can create and deliver the story for the season or curate a summary of a specific idea. Pattern Curator will research all areas of apparel, home & textile design. Of course will include color, print and pattern and whatever additional trend details you assistance with.

one-on-one consulting details:

  • There are different options available. Service menu includes custom trend story development, creative consulting & coaching, custom mood board development, custom print design &/or service work

  • Can be for any creative project that involves color, print or pattern consultation or ideation

  • Includes a "No Commitment" initial meeting via in-person, phone, email or other digital media

  • Not limited to professional projects

  • Available for personal projects

  • Consulting fees & deadlines are negotiated at initial meeting, contracted & signed by both parties

  • All work is confidential

  • For more detailed info, please contact us directly.