We offer different types of trend services depending on your needs. Pattern Curator services a diverse range of creative professionals and enthusiasts. The range is from large corporate companies to individual designer and anyone in-between.   We understand that your needs are different, so we offer a curated view of visual trends as needed.  Through research, collaboration and commission work with textile print studios around the world, we can also provide you with the right resources to execute your vision.

*All services include a free initial consultation by phone or in-person meeting.  Scope of services & deadlines will be written up to be signed by both parties to confirm, agreeD upon & commence services.  




Trend summary

$ 850 per project

Pattern Curator will research, develop & report trend information as it pertains to apparel, home, textile design as you need it. We have a team of researchers led by Kristine Go to curate trend stories specific to your needs. This includes an hour Consultation an Intake Phone Call, project information confirmation & full confidentiality.

*Project is defined and outlined together, client & Pattern Curator, as per Intake Phone Call prior.


 $650 for each concept

When you need Pattern Curator to put together a specific concept or trend story that you just need more research & development to make it a full seasonal direction. We will work with you in expanding your ideas and making it into a concise concept. We can use our internal data and analytics matched up to your aesthetic to provide you with an inspiring mood board that you can use for research or set the tone for your project.



This is essential, simple and quick inspiration research. Made for specific needs as it pertains to seasonal trends, concepts & forecasts. Pattern Curator will work with you & your company to tailor trend ideas to specific style categories as you need. This service is perfect for freelancers, independent store owners with a distinctly defined brand aesthetic.

Custom Print Design Development

$650 for each individual artwork

We will design actual print artwork custom to your specific needs & inspiration.  Please note that this will be an interpretation of the inspiration you give us. Pattern Curator will not knock off any print or artwork exactly as is.  This is in respect of the original artist and to abide by copyright laws. What we will do is work with you to get the art that you want.  If additional service work is needed for your production needs, that service is available as a separate charge.  Additional colorways needed outside the original scope of service will be considered ‘Print Service Work’. Final files will be delivered via dropbox as tif file or psd file as needed.

Print Service Work

$100 per hour for original developments (minimum of 1 hour chargE)


We can work on any additional print & pattern development work needed outside of the original development.   This can include, but not limited to: artwork put into repeat as per specific factory needs, additional colorways, color separating files.  Artwork that we work on does not have to only be PatternCurator developed artwork.


print studio

$550 for each print (includes digital file + fabric header)

We are working with a group of artists and print studios to provide you with the print artwork you need to produce your next collection. Because we respect the studios and/or artists’s copyright agreements, we do ask for you to fill out a form to gain access to the Print Collective.