We offer different types of trend services depending on your needs. Pattern Curator services a diverse range of creative professionals and enthusiasts. The range is from large corporate companies to individual designer and anyone in-between.   We understand that your needs are different, so we offer a curated view of visual trends as needed.  Through research, collaboration and commission work with textile print studios around the world, we can also provide you with the right resources to execute your vision.

All services include a free initial consultation by phone or in-person meeting.  Scope of services & deadlines will be written up to be signed by both parties to confirm, agreeD upon & commence services.  



One-on-One Reasearch & development

 $ 1,000 per month or billed by project (TBD)

One-on-one developmental consulting can include, but not limited to, reviewing & providing feedback or referrals to assist in executing client’s final vision or product as it pertains to color, print & pattern.  This service is available to all creative individuals for either personal or professional creative endeavors. Scope of services are clearly defined upon initial consultation. There is no fee for the initial consultation, via phone, email, digital or in-person meeting. Scope of services and timeline are discussed & defined in collaboration with your needs.  Initial contract with scope of services will be signed & delivered by both parties to initiate research & development.  This service can be billed monthly or by project depending on your needs.

Sample monthly consulting & coaching includes (but not limited to):

  • 1 - 60 minute initial consultation

  • 1 - 30 minute follow-up

  • 4 - 60 minute phone or in-person meetings per month

(Different timelines can be negotiated up-front, agreed to & signed by both parties)


Trend Story Research & Development  

$ 850 for each concept

Includes a mood board(s)  with curated imagery, color chips, a detailed look at print, pattern and color inspirations, additional resources to research, sources of each image, print and pattern direction, referrals to print studios or freelancers that can provide actual print artwork if needed.  Concept & ideas are discussed in collaboration with your needs.  Click here to see samples of work.

Trend Summary

$650 for each concept

A more concise look at mood images, color chips, print and pattern direction & referrals to print studios or freelancers that can provide actual print artwork if needed. We will even take a PatternCurator moodboard & expand on the idea even more just for your specific needs.  Click here to see samples of work.

Custom Mood Board

 $500 for each concept

When you need quick research & development on something specific for a certain theme, we can create a custom mood board.  The layout would be the same as the 9 image PatternCurator board with color chips. Included will be the individual images used. 

Custom Print Design Development

$650 for each individual artwork

We will design actual print artwork custom to your specific needs & inspiration.  Please note that this will be an interpretation of the inspiration you give us. Pattern Curator will not knock off any print or artwork exactly as is.  This is in respect of the original artist and to abide by copyright laws. What we will do is work with you to get the art that you want.  If additional service work is needed for your production needs, that service is available as a separate charge.  Additional colorways needed outside the original scope of service will be considered ‘Print Service Work’. Final files will be delivered via dropbox as tif file or psd file as needed.

Print Service Work

$100 per hour (minimum of 1 hour charge work)

We can work on any additional print & pattern development work needed outside of the original development.   This can include, but not limited to: artwork put into repeat as per specific factory needs, additional colorways, color separating files.  Artwork that we work on does not have to only be PatternCurator developed artwork.