We offer different types of trend services depending on your needs. Pattern Curator services a diverse range of creative professionals and enthusiasts. The range is from large corporate companies to individual designer and anyone in-between.   We understand that your needs are different, so we offer a curated view of visual trends as needed.  Through research, collaboration and commission work with textile print studios around the world, we can also provide you with the right resources to execute your vision.

*All services include a free initial consultation by phone or in-person meeting.  Scope of services & deadlines will be written up to be signed by both parties to confirm, agreeD upon & commence services.  




Pattern Curator will work with you on developing a concept & presentation for your product -as it pertains to apparel, home or paper goods- that is translatable and relatable to your customer &/or product design team. This service is meant for companies that want to elevate their product to the next level and want the most relevant and innovative ideas. Pattern Curator resources expertise from a global team of leaders in design, trend research & intel from Pattern Curator’s internal analytics. We will work closely with you on what the concept needs to be for your specific product / client.

*Project is defined and outlined together, client & Pattern Curator, as per Intake Phone Call or in-person meeting prior.


customized premium trend reports

Pattern Curator will specifically research, develop & report trend information as it pertains to your product / brand. For this service, it is NOT limited to color, print & pattern trends. We have a team of researchers led by Kristine Go to curate trend stories specific to your needs. This includes an hour Consultation an Intake Phone Call, project information confirmation & full confidentiality. Typically, clients choose this option once a month as a constant source of research on both future trending ideas & what is current in their markets.

*Project is defined and outlined together, client & Pattern Curator, as per Intake Phone Call prior.

pattern curator print studio

We are working with a group of artists and print studios to provide you with the print artwork you need to produce your next collection. Send us an email for more info and to set up an in-person appointment to see the collections or to work via web/ email.