FLUID IRIDESCENCE by Renea Lynzee Design

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FLUID IRIDESCENCE by Renea Lynzee Design

"Fluid Iridescence" inspiration uses watered down organic shapes that overlap to give a transparent and tranquil quality. The soft color palette communicates optimism and quiet confidence. 

As a textile designer I'm always telling a story within my designs and am looking for a fresh and new way to express myself visually.

Website: http://www.renealynzeedesign.com/textiles.html

Social: https://www.instagram.com/renea_lynzee_design

Image sources: Abalone abstract, Julie Engel; Paints, Alyssa Young; Painting, Helen Wells Artist; Model in lei, Edelkoort, inc; Model in flowing dress, Vogue Paris; Glass close-up, SweetPeaPhototc; Modern Watercolor, apartmenttherapy.com; Lamp, Next.