How to Interpret Trends andBuild Connections in Your Inspiration By Arnold & Bird

If you’re saving new ideas and trends then work through the following points in order to get clarity and start to visualise your end direction from your research and inspiration.

 . Piece smaller themes together

 . Themes and trends may not seem connected at first. E.g. Health & wellness > Rise of cross-fit and clean eating > meditation >crystals > taking your wellbeing t a new spiritual level (mind and body)

 . Remember to always make it relevant for you by bringing it back to your why andyour customer

For each trend and product idea you develop ask yourself:

 . Do you personally like it?

 . Can you interpret it in a new way?

 . Does this trend fit with my customers lifestyle & choices in fashion?

 . How will this garment/trend make my customer feel?

 . Can you develop this trend into a whole new collection. Or would it just be one style?


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