Pattern Curator Notes

A little bit nostalgic, necessary and new. Patchwork is emerging as an expressive way of clashing prints and patterns into its own idea.  At one time, piecing and patching up clothing was needed and the only way to keep clothes looking neat and still put together. Patching fabric together was not only a way to mend, it was also a form of efficiency. It was and is resourceful to take all the scraps of cut fabric to create something new, no waste. Fashion history shows us that people did not go through clothing as fast as we do today and there were less options. In the early part of the century, patchwork was more of an essential skill rather than expression. As time evolved, looking at the 60's & 70's patchwork started to evolve as a fashion statement. For 2019, this trend is showing up again as we give a nod to our past and as we have become more eco-conscious and aware of our own consumerism. This trend is not shabby by all means, this trend is part of the 'Rustic Luxe' story. Adding great skill and care in creating next season's patchwork print mixes will make this feel less nostalgic and more relevant.

Colors for this patchwork trend is a bit more thoughtful than seasons before.  For 2019, we are seeing a deliberate color story within the patchwork itself.  While it's not tonal or monotone, there is a color story that is tied through each piece.