what do i do with pattern curator boards & information?

In the fashion industry we use mood boards and trend boards to bring thoughts, concepts, color, pattern, fabric & silhouettes together - see how possible ideas can become an actual product. Pattern Curator focuses only on the color, print & pattern part of it.  I encourage you to use Pattern Curator boards & information as a stepping stone to start off your creative endeavors.

do you own the images?

I do not.  And I do not claim any ownership of images.  If there is something that is not referenced correctly, we will correct asap.  Pattern Curator takes an editorial and informative stance on delivering trend information.

can i use any of the information for my projects? 

Yes.  That is the intention and am happy that you are inspired to create.


are you available for freelance print development?

At the moment, no.  I am available for consulting or collaborations. Please feel free to send me a message with any inquiry.  I can also recommend other freelancers that can assist you.


No, not right now.  Pattern Curator is the inspiration for other print designers to use as a resource to design from.  I can refer and recommend other print studios around the world to assist you.

where does pattern curator get inspiration & information?

Everywhere.  I am so passionate this.  I have submersed and devoted most of my waking hours ideating & creating.  Inspiration comes from being fully aware & in tune with your surroundings.  Noticing what has occurred & what is occurring now can dictate what's to come.