the what, who, how, why…..

Pattern Curator provides a service to those who design, create or manufacture patterned products. Primarily focused, but not limited to apparel and home; bespoke to mass market. Pattern Curator exists to be a supplemental trend service that specifically reports on color, print and pattern trends and provides research and collectively offers actual artwork from our internal print studio and studios around the world for you to execute your end product or vision.


mood boards + co-lab

Pattern Curator started as a blog that share color, print & pattern inspiration. We continue to serve the creative community by keeping a blog of mood boards & featuring ideas, products and work from other like-minded designers and companies. Mood boards are available to view on the site without a subscription and can be purchased as downloads or actual magazines.


We have an internal team of artists and work with other print studios to offer you a full range of prints & patterns. All original, you will own the copyrights and compliant with the industry standards. Pattern Curator curates collections for you based on data collected from our internal analytics, reported trends and your needs.

print motif ideas

For subscribers we report specific print motifs that are trending. The world needs a new iteration of a print every season. As a designer, the quest or the task is how to update that motif and what are the nuances that make it new.

pattern techniques

Sometimes a pattern isn’t a print. A yarn dye plaid could be printed and times it’s a woven pattern. Subscribers get a get a look at techniques separately to prints inspires new possibilities.

macro trends

Within each Macro Trend are smaller ideas that can inspire separate print & pattern collections. Within the smaller ideas are other ideas that can come from something less conceptual, maybe a little more concrete like what’s being shown on the runways. Subscribers receive the full picture of each upcoming trend as we see it emerge.

image library

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Sometimes we don’t need a full board of images to let the creativity run. Having this creative freedom can be less overwhelming when sifting through a curated collection of imagery with a specific seasonal point of view. Part of our service is to do all the research for you all the time.

color combos

Focusing in on a few colors and exploring the combinations is inspiring. It can also be a daunting task on deciding where to start from. Subscribers get further break down color ideas into smaller trend stories.

runway recap

Done the Pattern Curator way, curated and put together as small trend stories within the trend stories. Fashion is going fast in general. We do this so you can see in one place where the trends are emerging from the runways.