Pattern Curator is a trend service that focuses on delivering relevant inspiration for all color, print and pattern related projects. 

As a creative professional in different corporate and independent studio environments for over 20 years, Pattern Curator really understands having to search all over for inspiration and to keep the drive to create - while actually making the thing and delivering on time.  What makes Pattern Curator different that most other trend bloggers is that Kristine Go has had (& still has) a successful track record working in the apparel industry for retailers & brands we all know & love across the globe.  In the industry, known for having an expertise in establishing creative seasonal concepts for brands, creative teams & corporate sales partners; executing the technical side of textile, print & surface design with overseas & domestic vendors and for developing creative leaders that have ventured off to establish their own brands or signature aesthetic.

In 2014, Kristine launched Pattern Curator as a visual blog feed of free mood boards that got shared & re-posted....a lot.

From a free blog, it has evolved into a trend and creative consulting business that services a diverse collection of clients from design professionals in the apparel and home industry to the individual with a personal creative enrichment project. 

There are different products & services available for all.




This is a paid membership site.  It has mood boards, color stories, print and pattern ideas, as well as other inspiration sources in one place.  Once you sign up for a membership, you can have access to endless color, print & pattern inspiration.  There are different subscription options for your needs.


downloadable pdf

At the end of the season, a collection of mood boards are curated & put together as a single downloadable pdf that can be purchased individually.  Pattern Curator also puts together a more specific curated trend report each season which not available on the site, only available as a downloadable pdf.


one-on-one consulting

If you have a specific project in mind and are looking for someone to brainstorm for you or with you.  Consulting services are available. 




Pattern Curator exists so that people can create and see the possibility of their own ideas in a different way. 

You either know exactly what to do with the mood boards once you see them or you don't - in both cases you get curious about something.